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This set is similar to the everyday mascara wear, with a very uniform look.The more volume you have the longer you can go without a refill.

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Staff will set up, hook up all draft lines, handling of kegs, ice down, managing throughout event, break down and clean up.Please note that all pictures are strictly for reference and may not be achievable on each individual.

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We provide a custom eyelash and eyebrow look for each client with three different levels for different price points.

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This technique is when one lash extension is applied to one natural lash.

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Natural - 50 Lash Extensions placed per eye (approximately half of your natural lashes extended) – this set is perfect for those trying lash extensions for the first time or just like a very natural looking set.

At Lash Affairz we use only faux mink and silk extensions, as well as a medical grade, latex free, hypoallergenic adhesive to ensure our clients a top quality lash application.We provide best-in-class program design and execution for manufacturers offering ongoing support for patients.Refills are required when a natural eyelash has fallen out (due to the eyelash cycle).The Lash Avenue specializes in eyelash extensions and beauty treatments in Dearborn, Michigan.Classic Lashes are the application of 1 extension to each 1 of your healthy natural lashes to create length, darkness and curl.Customized in length, thickness, and permanently curled to your preference, these long, dark and luscious lashes will brighten your eyes.Microbla d i n g: a process where mini-hair like strokes are made in the eyebrow creating a solution to beautiful, natural looking eyebrows that last over 6 months.

The number of extensions applied will be in part determined by the desired look you would like to achieve as well as the number of natural lashes you have.

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Although eyelash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes—typically six to eight weeks—light lash maintenance is recommended within three weeks of initial application, then every three to four weeks to maintain a full look.

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Eyelash Serums For generations, long lashes have been the hallmark of femininity.

This client favorite focuses on the lash line as it lifts, separates, curls and brightens your entire face.Final looks are based on amount of natural lashes, eyelash density, eyelash health and eye shape.Whether your lashes are too short or too straight this service perms your lashes to make them flawless.

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Volume lashes are the latest and most exciting offering in eyelash extensions.

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Individual eyelash extension gives each client a chance to customize their look.

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LuLu Lash Studio is the perfect embodiment of relaxation and precision for those whom are looking for the perfect eyelash extensions.

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Lash Lift elevates and curls your natural lashes with a once a month service.Volume lash extensions are lighter and fluffier and gives you a fuller look than classic extensions.From brow and last tinting, to Lash Lifts and Extensions, Ronika Esthetics offers the latest options for lusher, longer lashes to frame your eyes and create a more dynamic look.Volume lashes are anywhere from 2-8, ultra light- weight extensions placed in the shape of a fan on a single natural eyelash.

Now, clinical studies show that anyone can enjoy longer, thicker and fuller eyelashes that last.Lots of celebrities wear eyelash extensions to achieve an alluring glance and younger-looking face.

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Our eyelash extensions come in many lengths and curls, making it easy to get the look you want.A unique style that is applied at the outer corners making your eyes more intriguing.