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Find out if a brush or comb works best, plus how to detangle wet vs dry hair.My two best detangling tools are my fingers and a wide tooth comb.

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No matter what type of hair you have, you can find a product which will work to your advantage.Tips to Help Detangle Hair Besides using a detangling spray or conditioner, here are a few extra tips to help kids have knot-free hair.Effortlessly detangle wet or dry hair, with our wide tooth comb.Meet the Wet Brush, the best detangling brush for long, thick hair.

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The cushioned base and flexible bristles make detangling less painful.

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Unlike brushes, a comb is perfect for wet or dry hair, making it the ideal way to work in your conditioner during or after a shower.The 5 Best Detangling Combs The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush.

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It will make your hair more manageable and can even battle frizz.Finer Points As your stylist deftly pulls a comb through hair while snipping and trimming, you recognize this is a critical tool of the trade.

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The perfect tool for distributing product through your hair with ease.So, hop in the shower and use shampoo and conditioner before getting.

To evenly distribute conditioner or a hair mask, we love applying a.

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Find great deals on eBay for Detangler Hair Combs in Brushes and Combs for Hair Care and Salons.Most of us can agree that detangling bone dry hair is not a good idea.

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Never use a brush on wet hair, it will rip it out and break it off.Meet the Wet Brush, the affordable styling tool that will make your after-shower routine go much smoother.

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Therefore, I have to be extremely careful when using a medium tooth detangling comb when my hair is fully dry.Wet-N-Dry Detangling Hair Brush is the ideal brush for detangling wet or dry hair.Combing natural hair when wet means pulling the hair past its length and it will weaken the hair.

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Here we show you how to detangle fine hair in just a few short steps.While traditional paddle models can damage wet hair, we actually prefer to use these post-shower, or even while we lather up.While dry hair is surprisingly strong, wet strands are far more fragile.Best For: Detangling All Hair Types This is the comb used most on wet hair for light detangling.