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Casio g-shock watch is considered by some as the ultimate sport watch.

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The digital movement of the rugged watch has essential timekeeping features that include an alarm, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch, among many other features.

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Over 200 handmade samples were created and tested to destruction until finally in 1983 the first, now iconic G-SHOCK hit the streets of Japan.The Casio G-Shock GMWB5000D-1 is a very attractive watch, the construction of the case and bracelet is top notch and finishing is the same.G-Shock is a line of watches manufactured by Casio, designed to resist mechanical shock and vibration.

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If I hit it again it says 10-22, again back to the digital time.Another absolute classic and intelligent watch from the Casio G-Shock range.It of course still has a mineral crystal, but most G-Shock watches do.

Since its birth in 1983, G-Shock by Casio has continued its unrestrained evolution whilst retaining its unique, basic structure.Packing an anti-magnetic structure, it is water-resistant down to 200 meters and has an auto LED light with afterglow that allows you to read the display easily, no matter the time of day.These are very comfortable and well-built with a good mix of thickness and flexibility.

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In a world where mechanical watches are the only desirable thing for many to even be considered a watch, the G-Shock 5000 series maintains credibility by sticking to a classic style, being practical, affordable and bullet proof.GShock Atomic and Solar power watches are the newest and the hottest style from Casio.

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Casio is releasing the Classic Basic Black G-Shock series in November 2018 featuring four reverse-display digital watches with stealth bezels.This model has been packed with lots of features, making it highly invaluable for outdoor activities.The Frogman comes with an asymmetric design and is exclusively manufactured to be a dive watch for scuba divers.

List of Vintage Retro Classic Digital LCD Watches and Calculators by Model Numbers.Baby-G Tough and water resistant ladies analog and digital watches.

Casio digital watch with 10 year battery life and 100 meter water resistant.To set the time on the Casio G-Shock watch, start by setting the seconds.

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Casio DW6900-1V Black G-Shock is a good basic watch functions, affordable and strong in every incumbency.

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Some other interesting features on the watches are 200 meter water resistance, shock resistant, stopwatch, alarm and world time.

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They are the perfect blend of function and fashion, which allows G-shock watches to fit any lifestyle and fill the demand for durable and reliable watches.

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Digital display with backlight Calendar shows day, date and month Waterproof to 200 meters Tough, shockproof watch with black resin case and band.The most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and sports enthusiasts.They are well-known for water as well as mechanical shock and vibration resistance.