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The only way for an adult to get back to the that kind of rocking sleep, is to forgo the bed for a rocking chair.The Rocking Bed, also known as the Private Cloud was first conceived of by Michael Kloker and brother Manuel Kloker in 2005 when the initial prototype was built.

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SWEET DREAMS By offering a gentle horizontal rocking motion, this bed led to faster and deeper sleep in a study of healthy young adults.

Researchers from the University of Geneva built a special bed that rocked gently throughout the night.Scientists said the rocking motion resulted in a longer period of slow brainwaves which caused deep sleep, and improved their memory.Also, if you are traveling and you want to get same smooth rocking motion which helps you to fall asleep, you.Swings for Adults to Relax on This is the hammock that cocoons its user within a private suspended sanctuary, ideal for reading, relaxing, or reflecting.

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Unfortunately, parking in a rocking chair is generally frownd upon, unless you are ninety two in the shade or a nursing mom.

The team recruited 18 healthy young adults to sleep three nights in the lab: one night to get accustomed to sleeping there, and then two nights in which data were collected, one on a bed that was gently rocked and the other on a stationary bed.

Product Features Side-to-side rocking allows parents to soothe baby without getting out of bed.

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They were also better at remembering words after a night on the rocking bed.Balance of Cost and Effectiveness Ben2Od Adult Rocking Chair, Red by ECR4Kids.Health Adults could rock themselves to better sleep and memory, study says Participants slept like babies in the rocking bed.They tested it on 18 young adults and found they woke up fewer times and slept more deeply than on a normal bed.It takes up more space than a normal bed, but certainly would be worth it.

Rocking puts adults to sleep faster and makes slumber

We know babies benefit from being rocked to sleep - now a study suggests it helps adults sleep better too.Even if you feel very comfortable with the bed, it might take some time to get used to it.

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Participants slept more deeply and for longer periods when sleeping on a rocking bed, and memory tests performed in the morning showed that the motion.The steel frame used in our unique rocking bed system is designed to work with almost all types of bed frames, with the exception of sleigh beds.

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So, the task is not so much to stop rocking but to explore other, effective, self-soothing mechanisms.

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A variable motion rocking bed is provided that includes a first support structure including a first threaded rod having a first section threaded in a first direction.SwingingRocking motion is a natural way to help a person to fall asleep.

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In a study, people fell asleep faster and had deeper slumber when they were tucked into a gently swaying bed.Rocking Beds For Adults pertaining to Rocking Beds For Adults For Sale.